Friday, May 18, 2012

Dalam diam aku masih kejar.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Eeeeh wait! I am now working out for this competition. Wish me luck. I'll be joining with Adam and Akmal Razak.

Sorry dah lama gila tak update blog. I've been busy with work and training session. I've been working at Lot10 Isetan under Renoma's brand and I've quite for some few reasons.
 Errr, I've got nothing else to be told so yeah, goodnight and have a nice day.

If I die tonight 
What would I do 
On my last day 
I know I'd wake early 
In the morn' for crack 
Of dawn's last pray 
Then prolly go for breakfast 
Like I used to do 

If I die tonight 
You know it'll be alright 
Just smile for me 
Reminisce the fond memories 

If I die tonight 
Would I be forgiven 
By all the people 
I been slackin' with 
When I was livin'? 
Those who I hurt their hearts 
Took advantage of 
And even lied to 
Hug you one last time 
For forgiveness 
Yeah I would like to 

If I die tonight 
Would you feel the loss? 
Tomorrow would you dial 
My number by accident 
Then suddenly... pause?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Assalamualaikum. This week saya semacam sakan gila tengok movie. Haa yg cerita This Means War ni saya tengok semalam tapi lupa nak update kt blog. Saya pi tengok sorang je sebab saya betul2 nak tengok. Saya pi tengok kat GSC Pavillion. Saya ponteng class Ali sebenarnya time tu. hehehe. Lepas tu Women In Black pulak saya pi tengok dengan Syasya,adik dia,cousin dia, Nana dengan adik dia. Cerita tu Syasya belanja tengok. Kitorang pi tengok kat KLCC. Cerita This Means War tu jauh lagi best dari Women In Black tu. Serious. And tadi petang saya pi jalan2 kt KL dengan Akmal, Adam,Itah dengan cousin dia lupa nama apa. Tiba2 hari ni jadi macam hyper semacam. Nak cakap minum redbull, rasa last minum time kt CM hari tu. Takkan lah hari ni baru bagi effect? hahaha. Btw Minggu ni dia semacam seronok gila lah sebab banyak keluar jumpa orang. Tkde lah terperuk kat rumah macam beruk. Okay dah tktau nak update apa. Nnt dah tau nak update apa saya mai sambung balik. Assalamualaikum dan Selamat Malam.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Top 16

The Top 8

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alhamdulillah Game Park Crew reaching to top8 on Kul Sign Bboy Battle. We lost againts Triple A Crew which is our sifu's crew. The video will be upload soon.