Friday, May 11, 2012

If I die tonight 
What would I do 
On my last day 
I know I'd wake early 
In the morn' for crack 
Of dawn's last pray 
Then prolly go for breakfast 
Like I used to do 

If I die tonight 
You know it'll be alright 
Just smile for me 
Reminisce the fond memories 

If I die tonight 
Would I be forgiven 
By all the people 
I been slackin' with 
When I was livin'? 
Those who I hurt their hearts 
Took advantage of 
And even lied to 
Hug you one last time 
For forgiveness 
Yeah I would like to 

If I die tonight 
Would you feel the loss? 
Tomorrow would you dial 
My number by accident 
Then suddenly... pause?

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